SkyProjector Original

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The SkyProjector Original will morph any room into a ✨magical landscape. See the awe-striking nightline in the comfort of your own home. Instantly change the mood by projecting these stars and clouds throughout your home.

Opt for the Extraordinary

The SkyProjector allows you to transform your room into a magical place. Use at bedtime or for relaxation. Having a party or a spa night? Set the mood by lighting up the room.


Change Between Colors

Instantly change the mood of the room by switching between the six LED lighting modes (red, pink, azure blue, dark blue, green, dark green).

Great for any type of space

You can use the SkyProjector in any room of the house. From bedrooms to living rooms, our projector is sure to give you an experience like never before.


  • Noise-controlled LED lasers that move the LEDs to the noises in the room (like music or clapping).
  • 2200mAh USB rechargeable battery


  • 1x Projector
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual